Go Beyond the Lawyer Stereotypes

People hate lawyers and this is a fact. The reason why they hate lawyers are diverse and almost all of them are linked to one or more of the stereotypes attached to lawyers. Popularized by media and lawyers themselves, these are some of the most common reasons people avoid lawyers. If you suspect you are in the hands of one of them, call it a day and go find another lawyer.

The invisible lawyer

This is the type of lawyer who disappears into the void after taking your case and your money. These people are great when you talk to them; give you all you need to know before you hire them, but after, they are just invisible, unable to reply to emails, phones and any other contact means. You are going to miss deadlines and you will never know the status of your case.

The ambulance chaser

This one is creepy. There are cases when lawyers need to come to their potential clients, but hanging out in the emergency room at 3 AM is not the way to do it. The lawyer who does this is more than desperate for clients and you should never rush on hiring someone just because he or she was there when you presented to the ER.

The corporate guy

No, this is not about a corporate lawyer, but a guy who is running a case spawner all for money and profit. These people are usually too busy doing advertisements, going to TV or generally running their law business. You can’t possibly find time to talk to this guy, even if he seems really smart and perfect for your case. However, he might have an entire team which deals with the cases for him, while be is the “pretty face” on the bus stop ad.

The judge’s friend layer

There are many families which practice law as a tradition, so the grandfather, father and son are all in the court. This comes with the advantage of knowing other lawyers and the judges. As long as they stay the same, this is more and more rare nowadays, when thousands of lawyers come out of the school each year.

The rich lawyer

There are two sides of the compass with this one: a genuine lawyer and a fake one. The genuine rich guy is the lawyer who spent a lot of time solving cases and in the end he made a name and a fortune. The fake guy is that lawyer who wants to keep up the appearances to make a fortune. For this, he is buying expensive suits, cars and houses, then he haunts for big cases.

The ruthless lawyer who tends to become a criminal

Lawyers should follow ethics when solving cases, yet there are people who don’t give a second look to ethics in the quest to win a case. Stepping over rules and law, fighting like a gladiator, this attorney is not the best pick. You’re probably going to win the case, but at what cost? And I’m not talking money here, but ethics and reputation.